Energy Saving Lights

Our energy saving conversion service provides you with a turnkey solution for converting your existing lighting to more cost-effective energy saving lights.

Fluoresave energy efficient units realise massive reductions in electricity consumption of fluorescent and other lights, especially for high users such as government institutions, commercial enterprises, warehouse depots, commercial offices and the retail sector.

Regular Fluoresave users have confirmed savings of 30% and more for fluorescent lighting, and 20% and more for other types of discharge lighting.

New installations of fluorescent Fluoresave lighting combined with conventional magnetic ballast fluorescent lighting will show significant cost and performance advantages over high frequency fluorescent lighting.


Independent electrical audits have verified a 35% reduction in 39 x 40 watt fluorescent lamps with little discernible loss in lux levels.

Cost saving examples


Multinational Chemical Company


Utility Company


Insurance Company




  • The Fluoresave energy saving unit is uncomplicated and easy to install, with no disruption to the working environment.
  • Existing lighting systems can be quickly and efficiently replaced at an affordable price, ensuring a rapid return on investment.
  • Fluoresave lighting saves the life of fluorescent tubes and lamps by 25% and more.
  • Fluoresave carries the South African and European CE approved quality standards, being a key factor in achieving ISO 14001 compliance requirements.
  • The Fluoresave unit is fitted at or close to the main distribution board and easily installed into existing light circuits. No modifications are required for existing light fittings.
  • Fluoresave has a proven performance and reliability record around the world since 1996, significantly cutting energy bills and delivering payback in 1-2 years, depending upon the unit price paid for power and the hours that the lighting is run. Documented cases show savings ranging from 20% to 52%
  • Fluoresave products do not generate the harmonics of high frequency fluorescent lighting.
  • Includes a full 2 year replacement warranty.