The current and anticipated exorbitant electricity tariffs increases in South Africa has uniquely positioned Fluoresave Energy to provide South African SABS and European CE approved high quality “green” lighting to the nation and continent at large.

This will bring substantial energy savings, in excess of 40%, to a wide cross-section of users ranging from commercial, industrial, warehousing, hotel, retail and office to commercial landscaping and amusement park consumers.

Fluoresave is poised for exponential growth in the South African and Sub-Saharan Africa markets.

Clients include…


The international division of Fluoresave was established in April 2002 with the primary objective of distributing Fluoresave energy saving products to the United Kingdom and Europe.

The company has expanded steadily ever since and currently supplies countries throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

Fluoresave SA (Pty) Ltd commenced operations later in 2002 under the directorship of Terry Murphy, who continues to carry the sole distribution rights of Fluoresave products in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.